Printing is so important. And this includes *where* you print. Not all printers are created equal. Some believe running to their local grocery store which also prints or their local drug store that offers the same is the best easiest choice! Wrong. Paying a photographer to capture and perfectly edit your memories then print at a quick, nearby printer is counter productive and definitely a waste of money. There are professional printers that are slightly more expensive (barely...basically the cost in gas to drive to said horrible printers) or even less than these places...and you will get your portraits *the way your photographer intended*. Every sharp detail and vivid color you paid for! Why drive to these second rate printers, waste time and money when you could order prints from a professional printer from the comfort of your own home. The prints will be delivered to you quickly and you can enjoy quality prints for all to see!

How to print your gallery

When your gallery is delivered to you, you can download the full resolution images AND in the same gallery you can order professional prints! It's SIMPLE! I want people to print their memories, not grab digital images and just forget about them! So I have added this feature to my delivery process to encourage clients to print these memories. Digital is great but there's nothing like holding the tangible portraits in your hand and displaying the images in your own home. I am OBSESSED with prints and print as much as I can all the time. I highly recommend getting those tangible prints from a professional company. My prints through the website are printed through Miller Labs. If you must print on your own please print at a reputable printer such as There are other popular printers that I do not recommend for professional prints. I don't want to list their names, but if I didn't list them I do not recommend them.

Recommended Printers

Miller Labs - through me for self printing for books